Sunday, 29 April 2012 22:21

premiere @II.Berliner Musik Film Marathon

And the images appeared, they came into light. The first cut of the great adventure travelled thousands of miles and snuggled into the neat screening room; at the basement of evocative Martin Gropius Bau -a border that divided East and West Berlin, a border that divided History. The persons revive the anaparastasis, the re-enactment, by talking, remembering and testifying. And so, the journey begins somewhere abroad, far away from our motherland; as if to remind us that Jani Christou established such a trip: from outside to inside; from the surrounding energies to the inner scapes of our existence, "to interconnect with the powers that surround you". And then, again, a trip backforth: the release of energy.


It's the first screening for all of us. Our thoughts, our toil, our agonies, all magnified for the first time on the big screen. An adventure that began nearly ten years ago, finally takes shape, a solid form, waiting to be shared. Ms.Helma Schleif, initiator and leader of the Berliner Musik Film Marathon, describes the film as "a gift", when talking to the berliner spectators. The real gift is the rewarding that everyone gets, even from the slightest touch to the charmingly otherwordly universe of Christou. Which is no longer otherworldly. It now belongs to this world, to all of us.



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